The Jakarta Society Acculturation and Tempo Doeloe Chinese-Batavia Community in the Put On Comics

Zeffry Alkatiri


ABSTRACT: This article presents the analysis of Put On comics by Kho Wan Gie, a comic writer; and it aims to showing the illustration of social and cultural aspects of Chinese descendants living in Jakarta in the 1950s and 1960s through the character of Put On. In this research, the paper implemented the discourse analysis approach and historical perspectives to analysis the comics content. The data of the research were taken from Put On comics series in the newspapers, magazines, and books that contained Put On strips comic. The research result shows that the Put On comics consist of various acculturation aspects of the Chinese community in Jakarta and it illustrates the growth and development of Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia from the pre and post Indonesia’s independence. In this context, Kho Wan Gie can be regarded as a prolific comic artist since capable of displaying a caricature figures such as Put On for nearly 40 years in a row (1930-1942 and 1946-1965). The serial number showed that Put On character, as a figure of popular entertainers, can be accepted by various groups, including outside Chinese ethnics. In Put On comic, Kho Wan Gie has not only raised and reminded the context of the historical development of the city of Jakarta, but it has also raised and reminded about the existence of a tradition carried out by the Chinese-Betawi community which until now is still continue.

Key words: Put On comics, acculturation process, Chinese descendants, Jakarta as capital city, and Chinese-Betawi community.

About the Author: Dr. Zeffry Alkatiri is a Lecturer at the Department of History, Faculty of Humanities UI (University of Indonesia), UI Campus, Depok, West Java, Indonesia. He can be reached at:

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Chronicle of article: Accepted (March 13, 2012); Revised (April 15, 2012); and Published (May 20, 2012).

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